Strength & Stillness with Shereé

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About Your Instructor: "Yoga has been with me now for more than half of my life. Through the highs and the lows, my practice has always been there as an anchor to support me. Connection to body, mind and spirit is the most beneficial way I have found to overcome challenges, as well as celebrate them.
My teaching directly reflects my practice, mirroring an ever expanding curiosity to learn and grow. Through alignment, creative sequencing and breath work, I have had a ‘peeling back the layers of an onion’ experience, revealing ways to show up in life with both strength and tenderness. When you enter my class, be prepared to learn first from your inner teacher and know I will always be there to support you in your journey on the mat. Like most things in life, remember the hardest part usually is showing up.
I received my 200 hour certification in Vinyasa from Kindness Yoga in Denver, CO in 2014.  Currently I am in progress of completing the 500 hour certification from Kindness Yoga, with the core curriculum completed and over 30 hours of continued education with a concentration in anatomy and biomechanics."

Class Description: Yoga for Strength and Softness: A one hour, all-levels practice offering balance through effort and ease.  Challenge yourself and also connect to calmness while moving through a sequence of yoga asanas with an emphasis on breathing and observing.  You will experience duality of energy in a way that promotes steadiness and awareness.